Your Life Verse

Do you know your life verse?

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By your life verse, I’m referring to the verse or verses from the Bible that are most important to you, or perhaps best sum up God’s purpose for your life or God’s message that you most need to live by or be guided by.

I was given a personal verse as part of my confirmation in the Lutheran church at age 12, but I can’t say that I’ve had a “life verse” as I understand it now.

Recently, though, this has been on my mind probably for two reasons.

  • One reason is that I’ve been memorizing scripture over the last few years and some of these verses have really jumped out at me and had more personal meaning for me than others have.
  • The other reason is that since I started the Spirit Led Men at Work Podcast this past Fall, I’ve been asking every guest to share their favorite verse, or “life verse”.  That has led to some very interesting conversations and impacted me in that these men have found unique direction and inspiration from these individual life verses.

I’ve since decided what my life verse is.  Before I share it with you, though, I want to give you two benefits and two warnings about your life verse.

Your Life Verse Helps You Define Your Purpose

One big benefit of having your life verse is it helps you get clarity on God’s plan for your life.

By having that verse that you come back to and remind yourself of on a regular basis, you have a guidepost and a centering that can be very helpful.  It can bring you peace and on a practical level can help you with goal setting, prioritization, and decision making.

It Keeps Things Simple

We receive way too many messages from every direction, it makes it hard to focus and easy to get distracted and pointed in too many directions.

This is true even for the strictly Christian messages we receive.  While every sermon, teaching, and Christian blog/radio commentary can all have some value and even God intended purpose for our lives, sometimes we really need to simplify our spiritual focus and our life verse can help with this.

You Don’t Have to Have a Life Verse

Although I’ve come to a place where I think it’s a good thing to have what I believe God wants to be my life verse, I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone.

As it’s been said, “unity in the essentials, freedom in the non-essentials, and all things in love”.  This is certainly one of those non-essentials that Christian men can agree is not critical for everybody.

Don’t Oversimplify

Despite the benefits of focus and simplification that can come with your life verse, be careful not to let this one verse be a substitute for a thorough and ongoing discipline of studying God’s word and listening to God.

Cherish God’s word, ALL of it, by daily reading and meditation as well as memorizing scripture.

Be open to the possibility that as your circumstances, spiritual maturity, and relationship with God develops, your life verse may change as well.

So, your life verse may be your life verse for life, or it may be your life verse for a season.

Here’s My Verse

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” – Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

This verse reminds what is the main thing, or at least should, be for my life.

This is a recipe, a blueprint, for my life from now until the day I die.

Since this verse was spoken to believers, I know that this is not telling me how to get to heaven, but rather how to live my life while on this earth.

Before and after this verse, Jesus told me not to worry about the cares of my life and instead to seek His kingdom and His righteousness.  At the same time, it recognizes my earthly needs and promises they’ll be met if I first seek God’s kingdom.

What is God’s kingdom?  Well, answering that question is a wonderful journey of study all by itself.  I’ve only scratched the surface and looking forward to learning more.

What is God’s righteousness?  Well, I know it’s not my righteousness and so this is not about me being good enough and checking off a list of do’s of don’ts.  The Bible has given me several glimpses into what God’s righteousness looks like, however (1 Corinthian 13, Matthew 5, Exodus 20)

So this life verse is simple yet it points me elsewhere for further understanding and growth.

I hope this has inspired you to seek out your life verse.




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