If you’re looking for a men’s ministry speaker for your church, business, or organization, I’d like to help.  I have a message of hope and victory that I think men need to hear.

Here are some of the topics for which I have given presentations in the past:

  • What God Thinks About Your Work
  • God’s Purpose and Assignment for Your Work
  • A Man’s 9 Most Important Relationships and How to Succeed With All of Them
  • 4 Requirements for Restoration and Victory from Past Mistakes

Here are some topics for which I am prepared to give presentations:

  • Five Steps To Starting a Men’s Ministry at Your Church and Why It’s So Important
  • Why Christians Make the Best Employees
  • TGIM: How to Have Joy and Purpose At Your Work Starting on Monday
  • A Believer’s Guide to Job Loss: How To Prevent It and How to Prosper if It Happens
  • How to Create a Sanctuary at Your Job By Leading a Monday Lunch Group
  • How to Get Started Homesteading
  • How God Can Use Your Homesteading Lifestyle
  • …Or I Can Create a Presentation Tailored to Your Needs

If you’d like to discuss how I might be able to help your organization by speaking at your next event, please contact me.

In Christ,

Dave Hilgendorf