Jesus Is at Work

Are you looking for joy and purpose at your current job or do you want to inspire others to joy and purpose in their work?

You may find what you’re looking for in my book “Jesus Is at Work“.



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“Does the work I do every day really matter?”

Pastors and pawn shop owners, doctors and ditch-diggers, home-makers and handymen. They all ask that question at least once in their lives. Some are haunted daily by the elusive answer that only leads to more questions.

The good news is that God does have a purpose and assignment for you and your work. The best part is, you don’t have to change your job or your circumstances to experience more joy and purpose in your work than you’ve ever imagined.

“How I went from take this job and shove it to I’m thankful for my job and love it.”

In the late 90’s, I blamed my job for a lack of purpose, so I quit.  After chasing get-rich-quick schemes and ending up broke and depressed, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ.  Since then, I’ve learned what the Bible says about work.

I’m passionate about showing others that they don’t have to be a pastor or missionary to love and glorify God with their work.  I wrote the book Jesus Is at Work to show others that they can have a sense of joy and divine purpose every single day without changing their job or their circumstances.

In Part 1 of the Book, Here’s the Problem, you’ll learn how widespread and damaging the problem of a lack of purpose in our work really is, and how we often make the situation worse by trying to make it better.

In Part 2, Dream With Purpose, you’ll find out what God’s purpose is for your work and how it differs from your assignment.  You’ll also learn the importance of letting God promote you instead of promoting yourself.

In Part 3, Think Like Jesus, you’ll learn what the Bible says about your work and your finances.  You’ll also see that you’re already a missionary and you’ll be challenged to think differently about retirement.

Part 4, Act Like Jesus, you’ll be shown very practical action steps you can take to live out your divine assignment at your work

This book will change forever how you think about your work.

Jesus is at work in your personal life and at your place of employment. Once you open your eyes to that reality, the sixty second walk from your car to the front door of your job will never be the same.

What Others Are Saying about

Jesus is at Work

You hold in your hand a useful tool that can make a difference in your day to day routine. You will be blessed by Dave’s clear and biblical reminders about work. When we view our work as God does, each day becomes an act of worship and a great adventure!

—Brian Jobe, Senior Pastor, Harvester Christian Church, St. Louis, Missouri

Essentially during our working years, our lives are divided into thirds–1/3 for sleeping, 1/3 awake (non work) and 1/3 awake (at work) so as Christians, who we are and what we do in 1/2 of these waking hours is important! I needed to read this book and thanks be to God it was in the right place at the right time. I admire Dave for the stand for Christ he has taken at work and for writing this book and as a result, I am now genuinely reoriented, encouraged and motivated not only to seek out and live out God’s purpose but also His assignment in my work. May it happen to you also!

—Brown Councill–Chief Campaign Manager–Elect Jesus Ministry–”
In his Introduction Dave writes, “God has a much different view about the work we do than what most of us have.” That statement alone was enough to grab my attention and whet my curiosity. His writing is Scriptural, relevant, practical, and presented in an interesting manner. You’ll also appreciate the insights he gained through some of his personal experiences. I was not disappointed and I don’t believe that you will”

—Dr. Melvin Newland, Minister, Ridge Chapel, Kansas, OK and former President of Dallas Christian College, Dallas, TX (1973-1981)

With clear insight, personal authenticity and ears to hear God’s heart, Dave has written a book that truly speaks to how we should approach our divine purpose and assignment. His scriptural accuracy, as well as his shared personal experience, makes this a joy to read, but also challenges us to be intentional in our intimacy with God and making Him the priority in every atmosphere that we are in. I purposed to read slowly over a period of days; however, as I concluded one chapter, I was immediately drawn to the next.

The principles and insight that he shares opened my eyes in ways that I had not considered; especially as he addressed retirement. This book is a must read for all who truly desire to know the “why” and “how” of fulfilling God’s divine purpose and assignment in the workplace.

—Bishop Michael Trogdon, Kingdom Life Community Church and Director, Our Daily Bread, Asheboro, NC

I feel that you are going to be truly blessed by the words Dave has written in this book. I believe that Dave’s humility and honesty of his past about the road God has taken him will deeply touch and open your heart. Dave is a man that walks with integrity and practices what he preaches. Now be warned that this book might not be for just anyone. If you are not serious about truly wanting to honor God with your purpose, then this book is not for you. If you are not looking to be challenged on your integrity and serving others, then this book is not for you either. However, if you are ready to embrace a road that will change you and your family, that will call you up and challenge you on the things the world just looks the other way on, then this book is definitely for you.

—Bill McGee, Men’s Ministries Pastor, Savannah Christian Church, Savannah, Georgia,

Today finding a job, especially the “right” job, may be difficult. Government regulations have been unfavorable toward employers, and there have been other hindrances. However, the person who learns and exercises the principles that Dave Hilgendorf points out so accurately in this book can not only expect to find work, but enjoyable and rewarding work. That is simply because Dave has used principles gleaned from the Bible–the Manufacturer’s Handbook”–to construct a pathway to vocational prosperity. These principles are equally applicable to professionals, those who are responsible for our farms and homes, and to anyone who wishes for his life to glorify God and be beneficial to others. It will be time well spent for almost everyone.

—Marion Griffin, M.D.

After reading the first few pages of Dave’s book, I had the sense that he might have been watching me, or that I have said too much in conversation, but then realized that we have not spoken in some time. One cannot help but feel that “This book was written for me personally”. It certainly has me thinking about how I approach my work and what I say about it to others. How I’m interacting with fellow workers and seeing them in a new light, but most importantly how I react towards God in my work. Not only has Dave’s book got me thinking about it, but also how to apply it.

—Alf Basson

Director of Sales and Marketing, The Frog Switch and MFG. Co.

Jesus is at Work