SLMAW 013 – Be a Regular Joe not a Holy Joe with Jeff Kisiah

Jeff Kisiah

What You’ll Hear:

  • Jeff Kisiah was a high school coach who has gone by “Coach K”, was an associate pastor for 30 years focusing on Men’s Ministry
  • Since 2013, Jeff has been the National Field Director for the Man in the Mirror organization, whose mission is to help men disciple men
  • After attending 22 Promise Keeper conferences, Jeff was looking for ways to make Men’s Ministry more sustainable, and was drawn to Patrick Morley at MIM and the No Man Left Behind Principles. These principles include an all-inclusive mindset and leaders complementing, not competing with the vision of their church.

SLMAW 012 – Work Transitions with PJ Simmons

PJ Simmons


What You’ll Hear:

  • P.J. gave his life to Christ at a young age and was blessed not to fall into the prodigal son routine
  • He went to Bible college and started working full-time for a non-profit called the MediciProject
  • After looking for ways to pay off his student loans and advance the Gospel, he decided to start a podcast and started GospelDrivenEntrepreneur

SLMAW 011 – Being Right is Not Enough with James Walker

James WalkerWhat You’ll Hear:

  • James Walker was a fourth generation Mormon but could not be assured of his salvation and then put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone
  • His mother and sisters became Christians but it was more difficult with his father.
  • James was helped by the Watchman Fellowship ministry.  He later became a volunteer and eventually the President of the organization and has spent over 20 years in this apologetics ministry

Four Things Christian Men at Work Can Learn from Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady

As you watch the Superbowl this year, ponder for a moment what we as Christian men at work can learn from Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick Brook Ward via Compfight

You probably know who these two men are.  I say that because I know who they are even though I’m such a non-sports fan at this stage in my life that I watched a total of half a game of football all season.

SLMAW 010 – A Real Man Protects the Most Vulnerable Part 2 of 2 with Kurt Kondrich

Kurt and ChloeQ&A – Spirit Round*

What is the Greatest Misunderstanding Men Have About Their Work?

I think a lot of men are scared to profess and live their faith.  They don’t want to offend anybody.

Jesus Christ must be the center of everything we do as men in our personal and professional lives.  We need to be the example of living out the Word.

SLMAW 009 – A Real Man Protects The Most Vulnerable Part 1 of 2 with Kurt Kondrich

Kurt and Chloe
What You’ll Hear:

  • Kurt Kondrich spent two decades as a police officer, in Atlanta and Pittsburgh
  • When his daughter Chloe was born with Down Syndrome, he became a pro-life advocate and with Chloe and others they helped to pass the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act (or Chloe’s Law) which requires that women are given uplifting information once they learn their unborn child may have down syndrome.
  • The law has been a catalyst for legislation in other states

SLMAW 008 – My Family Is My Mission Field with Bill Fraine – Part 2 of 2

Bill Fraine

What You’ll Hear:

  • One day he realized he needed to stop praying for himself and start praying for others
  • Bill’s pride kept him at first from taking a job being offered, but then he listened and God prospered him
  • Nothing scares him.  His family is saved and God has taken care of him through the worst times

SLMAW 007 – He Who Dwells in the Secret Place with Bill Fraine – Part 1 of 2

Bill Fraine

What You’ll Hear

  • Bill was born Catholic in a large family in Boston
  • He went from washing trucks to the top of FexEx reporting to the founder Fred Smith.  He was the only one on the leadership team that didn’t pray and wasn’t saved
  • He went through a divorce then remarried.   He and his wife Dawn both came to Christ through an amazing experience with a stranger at a bar in Seaside, FL.  Part of that involved Bill’s reading of Psalm 91 “He who dwells in the secret place”

A Great Prayer to Start Your Workday

If you’re looking for a great prayer to start your workday, one that will set you up to be truly Spirit led all day long, you’ve come to the right blog post.

n59_w1150Creative Commons License Biodiversity Heritage Library via Compfight

Before we talk about that particular prayer, I thought I’d share 8 things I have learned and believe to be true about prayer.