SLMAW 015 – Stepping Back From This Podcast

What You’ll Hear:

  • What Changes Are Occurring Effective April 1, 2017
    • Podcast will not be accessible any more through ITunes (this is still uncertain)
    • You can listen to past and previous episodes through or through, the new location for my blog
    • New Episodes will not be released every 2 weeks.  I do not have plans for future episodes at this time though that could change
  • Why I’m Making These Changes
    • My history with marketplace ministry – Raised Lutheran, Engineer, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Born Again, Started Blogging, Wrote Jesus is at Work, Led Men’s Ministry and FPU, Started Podcast
    • Primary reason for change – I don’t feel I’m in the place of God’s blessing and His will
    • I don’t see fruit from a lot of effort and money
    • I’m not sure I have the right heart and motivation
    • The podcast has not been what I envisioned (every day guys from different occupations)
    • I’m stretched too thin and I don’t want to be an inch deep and a mile wide and need to prioritize
    • Need to devote more time and energy to other priorities
      • Relationship with God
      • Relationship with my family (wife and daughters)
      • Other relationships (friends, co-workers, non-believers)
      • My career
      • Our farm including a blog and other online activities
      • Political interests – COS, Fairtax, Teaparty
      • Ministry – now part-time at church helping as needed
      • Margin – reading, relaxing, enjoying myself, playing tennis and guitar
  • Pause and Maybe the End

Summary of Links For This Episode

SLMAW 014 – Jeff Bradford

What You’ll Hear:

  •  Jeff was raised in a Christian home but fell away from the Lord during his college years
  • He was successful in business and consulting
  • Through marriage counseling, he found out he and his wife never healed or dealt with the abortion they had 25 years earlier
  • He started an organization with other men, now called Human Coalition, to make abortion unthinkable
  • Human Coalition is unique in it’s approach and its results


Jeff is a seasoned business leader with almost 20 years of experience in owning and operating businesses. He has served a variety of industries including high tech, software, manufacturing, retail, and non-profit. His core areas of competencies include startups, marketing, lead generation, relationship management, leadership, and change management.

After learning about Human Coalition in 2010, he was so moved by how the organization verifiably saves unborn children from abortion that he began volunteering. Jeff eventually left the business world to work with Human Coalition full time. As one of the first staffers to join Human Coalition, his compelling story reminds us that men whose wives and girlfriends have abortions are often left to grieve the loss of their children alone.

Jeff graduated from the University of Texas (Austin) with a Bachelors of Science in Finance. He and his wife Tricia have four children.


When and How Did You Become a Christian?

I was raised in a Christian home and was baptized.  I fell away from the Lord in my college years.  After I got married and involved in a church did I serve the Lord and learn what it meant to be a Christian man.

 Tell Us About Your Career

I went to the Univ of Texas-Austin, got a finance degree and worked for IBM.  I then left that to be a business owner for 17 years for Cross Media.  I sold that business in 2010 and started doing consulting work.

I worked with small to medium sized businesses to help them to go from their heart to their head.  Through that business I met Brian Fisher, who was the COO of a large communication company in Dallas.

Walk Us Through Your Testimony

I was the lay pastor at a church that ended up splitting up after going through a difficult time.  My wife and I decided to get some Christian counseling after that experience for a tune-up for our marriage.

My wife began to cry uncontrollably.  I was perplexed what was behind these tears.  What was behind those tears was a decision we had made nearly 25 years ago.

We were engaged and got pregnant.  I went to my father and out of his ignorance he said this wasn’t the way to start our marriage.  We ended up at Planned Parenthood and took the life of our first child.

We didn’t talk about it for 17 years.

That same week we were in counseling Brian Fisher gave me his business card and God dropped the scales from my eyes about what abortion really was.

We thought it was the unforgivable sin.  Our pastor didn’t talk about it. We didn’t talk about it.  Women are created to give life and as men we’re supposed to the knight in shining armor to protect her.  I was the opposite of the courageous man.

That was the beginning of my awakening.  It started with my own family and my own heart, at a very personal level and even beyond at a national level and as a church.  We began seeking healing.  It was really tough.  Sometimes we don’t really want to deal with our wounds, but God in His grace and mercy allows to deal with them.  He then allows others to be rescued from our testimony.   It was then I began to fight for life.

Did You Have Trouble Being Bold Advocating for Life Due to Any Guilt You Had?

For 17 years I was afraid to tell anyone.  No-one talked about it.  Brian really encouraged me that it was my testimony that was going to save lives.  In the beginning I didn’t really see the benefit of telling others.

I can’t tell you how many men come up to me and tell me thanks for sharing that.

Men compartmentalize things.  I think women deal with it in different ways.  I think it was a real insecurity for her that was driven by my lack to stand up for her and the life of my daughter.  This is the fallacy of these marches for women is that women do want men to stand up for them and say they’re valuable.  That’s what I regretted the most is I didn’t have the courage and character, and I didn’t have others to encourage me and stand in the gap.  That’s part of what Human Coalition helps with.

Tell Us What Human Coalition Is All About

Our mission is to make abortion unthinkable, like Wilberforce made slavery unthinkable.  It’s still a curse, but there’s no logical person that thinks slavery is OK.

I brought 3 business men out of the business world to start this organization.  We thought at first we would be the best at connecting with women who were actively scheduling abortions.

The internet had 1.8 million searches online in America from women looking for abortion services.

Our original name was Online For Life.

We have a mantra that says if we can’t measure it we won’t do it, but if we can we should be able to improve it.

Unless we have data and facts and science behind it, do we really know what’s working, reaching women and saving lives.

We have set up a series of labs and then rolling those out.

We have 6 labs.

  1. Marketing lab – we now take calls from all over the country from women.  We partner with women’s care clinics.

2. Call Center – in Dallas.  We take calls for the pregnancy centers where we book appointments.

3. Pregnancy centers – started in 2014, started professionalizing and changing these to Emergency Room Environments.  We now have 7 of those.  800% increase in life decisions.

We want to build a network of those in the most abortion riddled cities.

4. Professional care counselors who provide a plan and we formally partner with the best resources in that city for continuam of care.  Maternity homes, job placement.

5. Church outreach division.  Help educate and activate the churches, awakening the community.

6. Incubation services – we test and optimize other areas.  Working with fatherhood initiatives, legal means to lower the incidence of abortion, heal the community, and change culture.

How Would You Describe the Way the Pro-Life Movement Has Dealt with This Since Roe v Wade.  What has worked and what has not worked?

It’s a complex issue.  The marketing of the pro-abortion factions in the main street media has brought out the fringe elements that has given the Pro-life movement a bad name.  It has a terrible brand.

We need to change the brand to mothers and fathers that are caring human beings who love life.  We value all life at every stage.  For some reason we’ve gotten it into our heads that this is not a life.  We know that’s not true.  It’s just a stage of development.

I think it’s an evolution of where the church is.  We have to take this from a logical, compassionate, graceful stance, and we’ve made a lot of missteps in this areas.

I think the pregnancy centers were not set up to win against Planned Parenthood, which is a well financed, highly focused, well oiled-machine.

We have to professionalize the care and network to where we are giving best of class care.  It has to be a system that takes care of women, not always putting religion up front, but on the back end.  We want to meet their needs, walking with them as Christ would, being a friend.

There are 1.4 million abortion determined women every year.  Our target market is that specific person.  How do we winsomely, gracefully reach these women.

How Do You Explain Christians From Some Demographic Groups Including African Americans Voting Overwhelmingly Democrat Which Is Strongly Pro-Choice and How Do You Speak to These Christians About This Issue?

We’ve gotten into identity politics where people are voting on certain issues and neglecting to others.

Many African Americans have been blinded.  In many of these communities that are below the poverty level, they don’t see another way route and don’t understand where Planned Parenthood came from, and how it disproportionately affects African Americans and other minorities.

This is an area where God needs to drop the scales from all Christian’s eyes, and many including pastors are turning a blind eye to this issue of life.  It’s not a political issue.  It’s a spiritual issue.

Many churches have stopped talking about cultural issues and the government is filling in those voids with programs and welfare, that link those voters to those programs, and they feel like they have to be in that party because that’s the party that’s giving them the help.  I think there’s a lot of confusion there.

Spirit Round

What is the Greatest Misunderstanding Men Have About Their Work

It’s hard for men to realize we don’t own it, we don’t control it and we’re not in charge.

We have to be on our knees but at the same time be ready to roll up our sleeves.  We do our part, but God’s in control.

Jesus Told Us to Love Our Enemies.  Tell Us Abou The Most Difficult Person You’ve Dealt with in the Workplace

We can all be difficult at times.  We’re all challenging.  As a Christian, we need to realize we’re all broken, we’re not better than anyone else.  It’s the grace we need from the Lord that we need to extend to others.

Sometimes people just misbehave.  Give that grace, don’t hold grudges.  Have the courage and boldness to speak with others in love when they’ve done something that upsets us.

Know what are the strengths and weaknesses of others and ourselves.

How Important is It For Us to Excel in Our Work?

Colossians 3:24.  I think that’s a key verse for us at Human Coalition.  Our work glorifies the Lord. There’s nothing wrong with a good hard day’s work.  But also know we’re not in control of that always.

Give Us One Tip for Sharing the Gospel at Work

When I owned my own business, we did a Bible study and invited others to join but if they didn’t want to, that was OK too.

It’s more important as Christians what we do more than what we say.  Being encouraging and giving hope.  Be able to zoom out and be that life for folks, and then share with them.

Give One or Two Principles From the Bible Relating to Money and Finances That You Think Every Spirit Led Men Should Be Aware Of

The Bible talks more about money than just about anything in the Bible.

As men, it’s one of the things we think about the most.  We have families, we have a lot to provide for.  We want to send our kids to college.  Those are all good things.

At the end of the day, we need to give ourselves a break, we’re just to be stewards of it.  Having other men who can speak into their life are important things when it comes to these areas of finances and money.

Christian Men Can Be Too Serious at Work.  Can You Share One Joke Our Listeners Can Share at their Work This Week?

I searched long and hard for a joke.  My wife brought me one.  A new engineer just out of MIT was reaching the end of an interview.  They asked him what salary he was looking for.  He said $125,000/year depending on the benefits package.  They said what would you say to a package of 5 weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, company matching retirment funds to 50% of salary, and a Red Corvette company car?  He said, wow are you kidding?  They said yes, but you started it.

What is Your Favorite Scripture Verse and Why?

At Human Coalition we memorize scripture and recite them every week:

Proverbs 24:10-12

Ephesian 4:1-6

Psalms 139

A Lot of Us Are Looking For Better Ways to Leverage Our Commute To and From Work.  Can You Recommend One or Two Things Our Men Can Listen to During their Commute?

Podcasts like this.  Online Sermons.  My Pastor Matt Chandler.  Memorizing scripture and meditate on them, speaking them out loud in the car.

Any Final Thoughts?

As men, we need to stand up for life.  God created us to be men, to protect life, and to pursue our wives and children and to treat other children as our own.  60% of all abortions are coerced by men.  Men need to play a huge role in that, leading their family, leading their church, and getting involved.  Use your testimony.  Use your business, your resources, your knowledge, experience, to end abortion.

How Can Someone Reach Out to You?

* Q&A answers not word for word, they are paraphrased and abbreviated

Summary of Links from This Episode

Proverbs 24:10-12

Ephesian 4:1-6

Psalms 139

SLMAW 013 – Be a Regular Joe not a Holy Joe with Jeff Kisiah

Jeff Kisiah

What You’ll Hear:

  • Jeff Kisiah was a high school coach who has gone by “Coach K”, was an associate pastor for 30 years focusing on Men’s Ministry
  • Since 2013, Jeff has been the National Field Director for the Man in the Mirror organization, whose mission is to help men disciple men
  • After attending 22 Promise Keeper conferences, Jeff was looking for ways to make Men’s Ministry more sustainable, and was drawn to Patrick Morley at MIM and the No Man Left Behind Principles. These principles include an all-inclusive mindset and leaders complementing, not competing with the vision of their church.

SLMAW 012 – Work Transitions with PJ Simmons

PJ Simmons


What You’ll Hear:

  • P.J. gave his life to Christ at a young age and was blessed not to fall into the prodigal son routine
  • He went to Bible college and started working full-time for a non-profit called the MediciProject
  • After looking for ways to pay off his student loans and advance the Gospel, he decided to start a podcast and started GospelDrivenEntrepreneur

SLMAW 011 – Being Right is Not Enough with James Walker

James WalkerWhat You’ll Hear:

  • James Walker was a fourth generation Mormon but could not be assured of his salvation and then put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone
  • His mother and sisters became Christians but it was more difficult with his father.
  • James was helped by the Watchman Fellowship ministry.  He later became a volunteer and eventually the President of the organization and has spent over 20 years in this apologetics ministry

SLMAW 010 – A Real Man Protects the Most Vulnerable Part 2 of 2 with Kurt Kondrich

Kurt and ChloeQ&A – Spirit Round*

What is the Greatest Misunderstanding Men Have About Their Work?

I think a lot of men are scared to profess and live their faith.  They don’t want to offend anybody.

Jesus Christ must be the center of everything we do as men in our personal and professional lives.  We need to be the example of living out the Word.

SLMAW 009 – A Real Man Protects The Most Vulnerable Part 1 of 2 with Kurt Kondrich

Kurt and Chloe
What You’ll Hear:

  • Kurt Kondrich spent two decades as a police officer, in Atlanta and Pittsburgh
  • When his daughter Chloe was born with Down Syndrome, he became a pro-life advocate and with Chloe and others they helped to pass the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act (or Chloe’s Law) which requires that women are given uplifting information once they learn their unborn child may have down syndrome.
  • The law has been a catalyst for legislation in other states

SLMAW 008 – My Family Is My Mission Field with Bill Fraine – Part 2 of 2

Bill Fraine

What You’ll Hear:

  • One day he realized he needed to stop praying for himself and start praying for others
  • Bill’s pride kept him at first from taking a job being offered, but then he listened and God prospered him
  • Nothing scares him.  His family is saved and God has taken care of him through the worst times

SLMAW 007 – He Who Dwells in the Secret Place with Bill Fraine – Part 1 of 2

Bill Fraine

What You’ll Hear

  • Bill was born Catholic in a large family in Boston
  • He went from washing trucks to the top of FexEx reporting to the founder Fred Smith.  He was the only one on the leadership team that didn’t pray and wasn’t saved
  • He went through a divorce then remarried.   He and his wife Dawn both came to Christ through an amazing experience with a stranger at a bar in Seaside, FL.  Part of that involved Bill’s reading of Psalm 91 “He who dwells in the secret place”

SLMAW 006 – Be Open to the Spirit with Crate Hall

Crate Hall

What You’ll Hear:

  • Crate has spent 30 years in technical sales in the Food Industry
  • He’s the father of 3 children and went through a divorce and remarried
  • He facilities a Men’s Ministry at his church in Winston-Salem