A Great Prayer to Start Your Workday

If you’re looking for a great prayer to start your workday, one that will set you up to be truly Spirit led all day long, you’ve come to the right blog post.

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Before we talk about that particular prayer, I thought I’d share 8 things I have learned and believe to be true about prayer.

These 3 Verses May Totally Change Your Spiritual Walk

Have you ever read a passage of scripture and had a truth that seemed to hit you up-side the head with a 2×4?

These 3 Verses May Totally Change Your Spiritual Walk

These 3 Verses May Totally Change Your Spiritual Walk

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Perhaps, you knew a truth, as in, you were aware of that truth, partly because you had heard it said or seen it written in slightly different ways dozens of times, but suddenly it really came to life for you with more clarity and personal conviction than before.

Work to Life Transitions

Many people struggle with their work to life transitions.

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They have trouble letting their personal affairs go when they get to work and they lack focus on the job as a result.

They have trouble leaving their work behind them when they get home and they’re not mentally and emotionally present with their family.

Will Robots Steal Your Job

Will robots steal your job?

Recently I saw a video sent to me by email and then saw an article online which both made a compelling argument that robots will, in fact, take over many of the jobs done by humans today.

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It sounds bizzare and so much like science fiction but when you think about the rapid manner in which technology is advancing and changing the way we live and work, it’s not hard to imagine such a thing.

You may be thinking, “this is interesting but what can I do with this info?”

What Is My Purpose at Work

Christian, married with 3 daughters, engineer

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What is my purpose at work?”

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I recently heard Dave Ramsey on his radio show say he read in several surveys the primary source of worker disatisfaction was a lack of traction.

As Dave put it, this was a lack of purpose combined with a sense that progress was not being made. He then went on to illustrate how that was true with managing money as well, which is why Dave’s “baby steps” are so effective.

Prayers to start your work day

Christian, married with 3 daughters, engineer

Want a great way to start your work day?

You may be thinking a cup of coffee, a jog, or quiet time in God’s word.

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Those are all great ways to start your DAY, but I think that the best way to start your WORK day specifically is with prayer.

I also think that prayers to start your work day are best done in your car since for must of us it’s the last thing we do before going into work.