Helping Christian Men Live With Purpose - About Dave HilgendorfThis is my personal blog.

My mission is to help men leave a legacy.

What does that mean?  It means living a life that matters so that the impact of your life will be felt beyond your earthly life, both in heaven as well as for those you leave behind on this earth.

As a Christian, for me this means loving Jesus and trying my best to live out His will for my life, every part of my life.

As someone who’s made my fair share of mistakes in life, I’m no expert and I’m also no theologian.  Because of that, my goal is not to tell you how to live your life, but rather to invite you to share this journey with me as together we look for answers to some of the most important questions that are worth figuring out, such as:

What does a relationship with God look like?

What kind of husband does God want me to be?

What kind of father does God want me to be?

What does God think of my work, the place where I spend more of my time and energy than any other, and how should I think about and act at my job?

What kind of ministry does God want me to pursue and how should I pursue it?

What about my hobbies, is there and should there be an eternal and spiritual aspect to something as simple as my hobbies?

I’m a work in progress and I suspect that you are too.  As one of my favorite teachers, Andrew Wommack, likes to say “I haven’t arrived, but I’ve left”.

I invite you to take off on this journey with me so together we can live out the life God wants us to live which is the only kind of life worth living, and in the process we’ll leave a legacy for our children and everyone we’re blessed to come into contact with every day of our lives.

I’m excited about our journey together!

God bless,