SLMAW 015 – Stepping Back From This Podcast

What You’ll Hear:

  • What Changes Are Occurring Effective April 1, 2017
    • Podcast will not be accessible any more through ITunes (this is still uncertain)
    • You can listen to past and previous episodes through or through, the new location for my blog
    • New Episodes will not be released every 2 weeks.  I do not have plans for future episodes at this time though that could change
  • Why I’m Making These Changes
    • My history with marketplace ministry – Raised Lutheran, Engineer, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Born Again, Started Blogging, Wrote Jesus is at Work, Led Men’s Ministry and FPU, Started Podcast
    • Primary reason for change – I don’t feel I’m in the place of God’s blessing and His will
    • I don’t see fruit from a lot of effort and money
    • I’m not sure I have the right heart and motivation
    • The podcast has not been what I envisioned (every day guys from different occupations)
    • I’m stretched too thin and I don’t want to be an inch deep and a mile wide and need to prioritize
    • Need to devote more time and energy to other priorities
      • Relationship with God
      • Relationship with my family (wife and daughters)
      • Other relationships (friends, co-workers, non-believers)
      • My career
      • Our farm including a blog and other online activities
      • Political interests – COS, Fairtax, Teaparty
      • Ministry – now part-time at church helping as needed
      • Margin – reading, relaxing, enjoying myself, playing tennis and guitar
  • Pause and Maybe the End

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3 thoughts on “SLMAW 015 – Stepping Back From This Podcast

  1. Dave, I have certainly enjoyed many of your posts however I do understand the feeling of being in an inch deep and a mile wide and the need for margin. I have been sending out a daily message 7 days a week since 1/1/14 and there are times when I think it might be time better spent. Thanks again for everything and go enjoy life.
    Alan Dupuis

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart…may you experience God’s peace about this decision…thanks for including us among the 15 podcasts…Ever Onward! BTW, we have launched a new citywide initiative in Charlotte…check out our new website =