SLMAW 009 – A Real Man Protects The Most Vulnerable Part 1 of 2 with Kurt Kondrich

Kurt and Chloe
What You’ll Hear:

    • Kurt Kondrich spent two decades as a police officer, in Atlanta and Pittsburgh
    • When his daughter Chloe was born with Down Syndrome, he became a pro-life advocate and with Chloe and others they helped to pass the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act (or Chloe’s Law) which requires that women are given uplifting information once they learn their unborn child may have down syndrome.
    • The law has been a catalyst for legislation in other states

  • Kurt is now Senior Director of Development for Human Coalition in Pittsburgh, a national pro-life organization
  • Kurt feels that men need to play a leading role in ending abortion


Kurt Kondrich spent two decades protecting and serving his local community as a police officer.

In 2003, Kurt’s wife Margie gave birth to their daughter Chloe, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome.  While the couple eagerly welcomed their second child, Kurt was horrified to learn that many babies diagnosed prenatally with this chromosomal condition are aborted.  Although the future was uncertain, one thing was clear: Chloe was a blessing from God.

Kurt and Chloe became vocal advocates for legislative change.  The father-daughter duo visited the Pennsylvania legislature to advocate tirelessly for the passage of the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act (or Chloe’s Law).  It ensures that families are given positive, factual, and uplifting information about what to expect after a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Today, Kurt is Senior Director of Development for Human Coalition in Pittsburgh.  He’s shared his passion for LIFE at churches and on college campuses, and he relishes one-on-one conversations with pro-lifers seeking deeper engagement in an effort to end abortion.  Kurt calls engaged pro-lifers “investors in the most valuable resource we have: human lives.”


When Did You Become a Christian?

I grew up Roman Catholic, attended church weekly, but when I left home I walked away from my faith.

After my wife got pregnant I saw the ultrasound and our first child in the womb, it was then that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I also had support from our Lutheran pastor Eric in this decision.

Talk About Your Career as a Police Officer

I grew up in the ’70’s.  I loved Superman and Batman and wanted to become a soldier or police officer and was fascinated with courage and honor and valor.

I graduated college with a degree in criminology at Indiana University in Pennsylvania and wanted to go to a city that had a lot of crime so I could make the greatest difference.  I started out working for the City of Atlanta Police Force.

The sign at the academy said “You can talk about what’s wrong with the world, or you can do something about it”.

I’ve always said your badge is on the left side of your chest because that’s where your heart is.

In 2003 Your Wife Became Pregnant. Walk Us Through That Experience

We knew it would be a girl and named her Chloe.  Our son Nolan was 4 at the time and very excited.

We were both 40 years old and we were pressured to have prenatal tests and told we were high risk for having a child with down syndrome.  It’s worth noting that the word they used “risk” is a negative word.

I asked them what we would do if we had tests done.  They said we could choose to end the pregnancy.  That blew me away that we could kill our daughter because a test said she’s not perfect by our culture’s standard.  We didn’t have the test done.

I remember the doctor was surprised at her birth that I wanted to hold her.  We moved forward in a positive way focusing on her abilities not her disabilities.

I tell people we’re all disabled.  We all have things we’re good at and things we struggle with.

My daughter is now 13, she’s fully included in her neighborhood school.  She reads better than a lot of cops I worked with.

What’s really cool about Chloe is she doesn’t have malice.  She’ll never go out and cause harm to another individual.

If you live long enough you’re going to be disabled.  I call it eugenics or silent genocide.  It’s exactly what happened in Nazi Germany.  They started with the disabled.

It’s a very slippery slope.  If we do it prenatally you could make the argument let’s do it post-natally.

Talk About Becoming a Vocal Advocate

70-90% of children that are tested positive for down syndrome are terminated.

Every single family I spoke with who had the down syndrome prenatal test were basically encouraged by medical professionals to terminate the child.  Everything they heard was negative.  I felt something had to be done about this to set the record straight.

I’m not just pro-birth, I’m pro-life.  That includes early intervention and some other things.  I would bring Chloe to legislative offices and ask them to look my daughter in the eye and tell me she was less valuable than other citizens.  We met the governor of Pennsylvania.

In June, 2014 the Down Syndrome Prenatal Education Act (or Chloe’s Law) was passed and signed into law.  So now a woman has to be told the positive side when they have the test done.

My goal is to end abortion in this nation but this is a start.  The law has become a catalyst for legislation in other states.

We could reach a point in our culture where everyone who is deemed a misfit or not worthy to be here is aborted.

What Kind of Press Coverage Did This Bill Get?

Very good coverage.  A lot of TV, magazines, newspapers, and online.  I did an interview with NPR out of New York City.  That’s been a blessing.

God has used this law to bring attention to this issue.  This is not a political issue, Democrat or Republican, it’s a life issue.

Tell Us The Connection Between Being a Police Officer and a Pro-Life Advocate and Give Us Your Definition of a Real Man

A police officer is a servant who fearlessly protects the most vulnerable members of our society.  A real man’s life is rooted in the Word.  The difference between the Word and the world is the letter L and the L will get you lost.

A real man should be willing to take a stand and be a voice for truth and take action.  His number one priority should be His relationship with Jesus Christ, personally and professionally.  I call men to be Christian leaders and to defend and protect.

Tell Us About Human Coalition that You’re Involved In

Human Coalition is a national pro-life organization that has grown from successful Christian business leaders that realized we needed a national pro-life voice to act as a champion for life and to transfer our culture of death to one of life and to end abortion in America.

God will hold us accountable for how we addressed this issue of life.  I call Human Coalition agents of change.  We’re not just against death we’re pro-life.

I’m the Senior Director of Development of Human Coalition Pittsburg so my job is to spread the word.  It’s not just one issue.  It’s the issue.

Since 1973 we’ve killed nearly 60 million of our most vulnerable citizens.

Most People Consider Abortion to be a Woman’s Issue – What advice Can You Give Men Who Want to Get Involved in This Issue of Any Other Issue Out of Their Comfort Zone

Men need to play a lead role in ending this holocaust.  The president and co-founder of Human Coalition Brian Fisher has written a book called “Abortion: The ultimate exploitation of women”.

In that book, Brian said “If we did believe that every woman has infinite value and that we as men should partner with them and give ourselves up for them we would not consider abortion an option.  Abortion exploits women.  It is harmful to their emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical well-being. Abortion degrades females and widens the gender gap.  It ultimately empowers men and demeans women.”

If men would stand up and embrace their roles as husbands, as fathers, protectors, and became excited about their child in the womb, women wouldn’t even be thinking about an abortion.   It’s time for men to wake up and be leaders.

* Q&A answers not word for word, they are paraphrased and abbreviated

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